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Fear that students face at the time of job interview?

Students after completing their graduation try to get a job in the good company and some students go for higher education like master degree. Students have many difficulties when they go for interview first time. Some difficulties are

  • Fear of interviews phobia: Most of the students get nerves when they face their first job interview. Emotion with the fear completely hampers your body language. There are lots of things that that cause fear an interview.
  • Lake of preparation: If you are going to face interview and don’t have enough preparation, you are bound to have fear. It is fear of question being asked that you are not prepared for. Fear shows gestures and body language negatively that impact the mind of interviewers.
  • Fear of not getting a job: Everybody wants to work with a reputed company. Students always think what will happen if they do not get a good job. They get worried if they fail to get the desired job.
  • Fear of interviewer: There are many students don’t have the courage to keep eye contact while talking or interview. There are many interviews in which we need to face the panel of interviewers.
  • Fear of not having experience: This is the most common problem students face when going for the job interview. The interviewer gives the priority who are experienced.

 How to overcome the cause of fear?

There are many ways to remove fear in an interview.

  • Keep yourself fully prepared before facing any job interview. If you are fully prepared, it gives the extra confidence and shows positivity in front of an interviewer.
  • Work on eye content. Answer every question asked by interviewer maintaining your eye content. This gives you confidence and interview know that you have confidence in your answers.
  • If you don’t have any work experience, you can get an Industrial training from reputed IT company or institute. Certification always gives you experience and working knowledge on live projects.
  • You need to stay motivated and confident when you have any job interview. You should ignore people who try to de-motivate you.
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