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SEO is one of the most job-oriented fields where students want to make their career. In Jaipur many SEO coaching provider companies are available but all are not equal. TIJ (Training in Jaipur) also known as the best SEO training institute in Jaipur. SEO is used to get visibility for various websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other.  Best online presence in Google means more chances to increase your business by the help of getting lots of organic visitors. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of optimization any webpage for various search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing give the priority to those websites who are designed and developed following SEO guidelines. When people search for any keywords in Google, people visit websites who are present on page 1. Nobody wants to go to page 2. Most people visit on top 3 websites out of 10 on Page1. Google shows any website in top 3 if they meet Google guideline heights.

SEO Training in Jaipur highlights:

Our SEO courses include every small point to deep level knowledge.

  • SEO basic understanding: It is most important to know about basic of SEO. You should know
    what is SEO?. We have discussed in the starting of the page. It mainly includes On
    page SEO and Off-page SEO but there are many more things to include

SMO: It stands for Social Media Optimization. 

This is a well-known platform for everybody to communicate with each other. Nowadays most people use social media optimization as a business platform to increase their business. Important social sites are below
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Reddit, Instagram          

On- Page SEO:This part includes various tasks that performed on the web page for which we want to work and want to get that rank in search engine. On page SEO includes following tasks

  • Web page URL structure
  • Web page title
  • Meta description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Content distribution on web page
  • Headline of a web page
  • Uses of H1, H2, H2 in content
  • Uses of Html tags like Bold tag, Strong tag, Italic tag,
  • Unique Images
  • Use of Alt tags
  • Responsive design
  • Social media buttons on web page
  • Contact number on web page
  • Address and map integration on web page
  • Live chat option for easy communication with customers

Off Page SEO: In this part, we work on other websites to get backlinks from the website we want to rank. Link earning means we are getting votes from other similar websites. Google gives the extra priority to websites who have relevant backlinks. Off page SEO includes following tasks.

  • Relevant niche web directory submission.
  • Article directory submission.
  • Press release submission.
  • Forum postings
  • Profile building
  • Local business listing
  • Question and answers.
  • Relevant Blog comments.
  • PDF submission.
  • E-book submission.
  • People can post on these websites and let other people about yourself, your content or your business. People can share your posts if they like, they can like, dislike and comment. You can build the community, audience, and groups.

Technical SEO: In this part, we include technical tasks.

  • URL structure
  • WWW or Non-WWW issue
  • Dynamic v/s static URL
  • Sitemap
  • txt
  • 404 error page
  • Doorway pages
  • Web page load speed
  • Uses of Html
  • Uses of CSS
  • Schema mark-up integration

Content Optimization: 

This is the most important part . It is said that content is king. Google gives the priority to websites those have highly optimized content. According to SEO guideline, every web page should have unique content and should be targeted for the different purpose. A web page that has minimum 500 words content considered as a good web page.

What is optimised content?

Optimized content means the content that provides all information according to the page title. It should not be stuffed with keywords. Content should include the verity of keywords, it means we should include main keywords, key phrases, and long tail keywords to make the content user-friendly.


SEO Tools:

  • Google webmaster integration: Google webmaster is a free tool to monitor your website status. s website needs to be added to Google webmaster tools. There are many options in this tool to get the various information about website performance.

  • Google analytics integration: Google analytics is a free tool to use and it is used to monitor number of visitors coming to the website, sources of visitors, visitors location, keywords searched by visitors to reach the website etc.

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