Php Training Institute in Jaipur

Looking for Php training in Jaipur. For all the students planning to make a successful career in the field of programming, the first step they need to get absolutely proficient in core programming skills like PHP, Python, etc. Our industrial training program or internship includes PHP internship training and other most widely used programming languages like Asp .net, Java, C#, etc. for the students of BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA.

The structure of our internship program has been designed by our experts in such a manner that even if you do not have any previous experience in this field, you would be able to get an excellent grasp on the same once your training gets completed. From making you understand the basics of these languages, to their practical application, everything is covered by our training program. Our trainers are expert in providing training on live projects for better understanding.

Training in Jaipur is located in Jaipur and have great industrial internship program experience. We are the best industrial training institute in Jaipur and have been providing a superior learning experience to the students. The ultimate aim of every student joining our institute is to get access to the best employment opportunities. PHP is an open source server-side language which is used for creating dynamic web pages. It can be embedded into HTML. PHP is usually used in conjunction with a MySQL database on Linux/UNIX web servers. It is probably the most popular scripting language.


1. A web server is required to serve the requested pages to the client browser.

2. PHP is required to run the software.

3. A database server (MySql ) is required to store the pages and site data.

What is the target audience?

1.This course is intended for anyone interested in learning to master his or her own body.

2.This course is aimed at beginners, so no previous experience with hand balancing skill is necessary.

PHP Course Content


  • What is a website?

  • How website works?

  • What is a static website & dynamic website ?

  •  What are search engines?

  •  What are directories?

  • What is a blog?

Web Designing and HTML

  • What is HTML?

  • How to Create HTML file?

  • How to Create Paragraph Tags &

  • How to display IMAGES & Hyper Text?

  • How to create forms in HTML &

  • Knowledge Resources?


  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

  • Types of Style Sheets

  • Class Selector & ID Selector

  • How to use div for creating a web page?

  • How create menu in css & dropdown menu in css?

  • How to use fonts in CSS?

  • How to create beautiful webpage in CSS?

  • Knowledge Resource?

Advance and Core PHP

  • What is PHP & PHP Works?

  • How to Create PHP File & PHP Syntax ?

  • PHP Statements and Whitespace

  • What Are PHP Functions, Data Types & Variables?

  • Creating Dynamic Pages

  • If else Conditions , Types of Loops & Arrays in PHP?

  • How to create register process & login process?

  • How to get data from forms via emails & subscription method in PHP?

  • How to create select query & insert query in PHP?

  • How to display data in PHP?

  • How to create factorization display data in loop ?

  • How to create fully dynamic website?

  • How to create payment gateway?

  • Knowledge Resources?

Working with CMS

  • Working on CMS – WORDPRESS

  • Introduction to CMS, Structure of CMS & Types of CMS

  • Introduction to CMS & Framework

  • Introduction to WordPress

  • Blog Creation using WordPress

  • Working with Templates

  • WordPress Theme & Plugin


  • MySql Methods and Properties

  • MySql Prepared Statements

  • Authentication with PHP and MYSQL

  • Session Control and Cookies

  • Session Functions & Cookies

  • JavaScript language fundamentals

  • Mail & PHP Mailer

  • File System Management

  • Reading from a File & Writing to a File

  • Getting File Information

  • Getting a Directory Listing

  • Database connections

  • Knowledge Resources?

How to Make Website Live

  • What is an Offline Website

  • What is an Online Website

  • How to Search / Book a domain

  • How to Search / Book of Hosting

  • How to Download a Website</>

  • How to Upload a Website

  • What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

  • What is Host Name

  • What is FTP User Name and Password

  • What is FileZila


  • What is Freelancing

  • How to create account

  • How to Apply a bid

  • How to deal with client

  • How to submit work

  • How to get money and retrieve in local bank account

Working with CMS

Introduction of WordPress

  • Comparasion to other CMS ( Drupal, Joomla, Magento )

  • Features of WordPress

  • WordPress installation

  • Permalinks for wordpress clean url ,Creating simple content : Page and Post

  • Concept of Post Type And Taxonomy

Basic Of WordPress

  • Theme files introduction.

  • Template tags and Page Template.

  • Creating custom widgets area, Shortcode.

  • WordPress database tables introduction.

  • Creating Custom Post Type ‘products’ and Taxonomy ‘product category’.

  • Using WP Loops to show latest products.

Create Custom Content/Post Type and display it’s Data

  • WordPress database tables introduction.

Creating Custom Post Type ‘products’ and Taxonomy ‘product category’.

    • Using WP Loops to show latest products.

Some Useful free WordPress Plugin

  • Contact form 7′ to create contact form.

  • Display Widgets’ to hide widgets on specified pages.

  • All in one SEO plugin’ for WordPress SEO.

  • Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live Server.

WordPress Theme Development

  • Preparing our HTML template.

  • Creating new theme folder.

  • Creating index.php file.

  • Creating internal pages page.php ,single.php.

  • Widget area theming.

  • Finalizing our new theme.

WordPress Plugin Development

  • HOOKS ( action and filter ).

  • Plugin development, creating custom table on plugin activation.

  • Create admin menu.

  • Using WordPress database connection object : wpdb.

  • Creating add page to insert data on custom table.

  • Upload image wordpress way.

  • Creating list page to display records from our new database table.