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Landing page optimization

Landing Pages and their Optimization

What is the Landing Page?

A landing page is a single web page that appears in search engine while searching keywords. Searches can be organic or paid. If we try to understand what is landing page then here is a simple example.

Suppose a visitors open Google search engine and search for keyword “ xyz” and he finds a link xyz.com in a search engine and clicks on this link to get more information. In this case xyz.com would be landing page.

How to create and optimize a landing page?

How to optimize landing pages


There are many things to keep in mind while creating a landing page because landing pages show your business, product, and services to end-user while searching online. Below are the tips to create a good landing page.

  • Landing page URL:

    For any website, we can make every webpage a good landing page. If we are targeting home page for online promotion then we need to work on the home page or if we are targeting any inner page, services page or product page then we need to add quality to those pages.

  • Deciding the name of the landing page:

    It is very important to decide a suitable name for your landing page. The page name should be valuable for both users and search engine. Landing page name should be according to your keyword that you are targeting for promotion. You should include the keyword in landing page For example

Suppose your keyword is “abc” and your domain name is xyz.com and you want to create a landing page targeting your keyword “abc”         then page url will be xyz.com/abc.html

  • Landing Page Title:

    The title of the landing page keeps an important role while promoting for various search engines. Your landing page title should include the keyword that you are focusing to rank for. The page title should be descriptive, impressive and within 65 characters rang.

  • Landing Page Meta Description:

    Meta description for landing page has a very important role to increase the CTR (Click through Rate). Meta description is a short description that is written within 150-160 characters. This short description is shown in SERP (Search engine ranking page) if the keywords are ranking in the search engine.

  • Content on the landing page:

    Content on the landing page has very important role Users point of view and SEO engine point of view. Landing page content should be optimized for both search engine and human being.

Your content should be written semantically with keyword optimization. You need to include your primary keyword in first paragraph of page content as well as long tail keywords. Using WH words like why, where, what, when is the good practice to make the content semantic and natural. Approx 500 words of content on the landing page make the sense.

  • Images on the landing page:

    Images are very important on landing pages. Related images help users to understand the content of a webpage. While adding images on landing page we need to keep in mind various things. Such as

  • Put your keyword in your image name
  • Image should be under 100 KB
  • Add ALT Tag while adding image on your landing page. ALT tag helps a search engine understanding you’re the image.
  • Sitemap:

    Include your landing page in your sitemap and update that. Sitemap helps search engine finding pages in a website, finding updated and new pages fast. If you landing page is included in the sitemap, there is a change your page can be indexed in search engine fast.

  • Landing page load speed:

    The loading speed of any landing page keeps very important role for both search engine and users. If you landing pages have fast loading speed it means users can visit them and view the information. If landing page have very slow speed than nobody would like to wait and will jump to next website. So finally landing pages speed should be fast.

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