Welcome to Training in Jaipur !

The Training In Jaipur is a venture of Softhunters Technology Pvt Ltd which was started in 2011 to pursuing the corporate social responsibility.

As an IT development company we have done many projects and when it comes to new recruitment, we feel that the students are lacking even after completing their Masters degree, Engineering degree and even with the 6 weeks and 6 months training.

As most of the students doesn’t even know what should they do and why should they go for any course. So we decided to come with a training program with the aim of guiding and mentoring them so that they not only get the good grades in their related courses but also get a good job and get a good career.

We designed a Career Development Program specially for the students so that they get the basic idea of their stream, IT industry, what are the challenges, what is their competition , what they are best in and what should they opt for their training and career. We are very serious for their education and that is why before starting any development program, to give them a real idea about the actual programming and software development, we conduct a special 7 days free Logic building classes so that they can understand and build their logics and then decide they should go for the programming field or any other field.

We have a team of professional developers, designers and they will be teaching, mentoring and guiding the students and this is our USP that the person who has been working in the industry, understands better than any other ordinary teacher. They know what kind of questions has been asked by the companies in interviews and we prepare them for that as well.

So if you are really interested or the good career, go for the career development program and fill up the form so that we can get back to you.